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TeX FAQ - U.K. TeX Users Group

A double-column document containing 119 frequently asked questions with answers.

Pages: 45
Date: Aug. 1998
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A Gentle Introduction to TeX - Michael Doob

A beginner's guide to using basic TeX (i.e. no LaTeX) which presumes no prior knowledge of the beast. It begins by describing what TeX is and what it can do and then moves slowly and carefully through all the phases of creating a TeX document. Separate sections cover characters, paragraphs and pages, groups, math, tabbing and aligning, macros, error recovery, and a brief description of the more popular macro packages (e.g. LaTeX). This is available in plain TeX (gentle.tex) format and can be processed with a basic TeX installation.

Pages: 90
Date: Nov. 1993
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TeX Made Easy - Daniel Zirin

A set of course notes that constitute a beginner's guide to using TeX with the plain macro package. This covers basic TeX and how to get started, text processing, math and display modes, alignment and tables, and miscellaneous other topics. The course was developed in 1987 to spin up graduate students, secretaries and professors from ground zero to reasonable facility in TeX over five days. This is a bit old but nonetheless useful.

Pages: 122
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TeX Cookbook

A set of tables full of examples showing how to create various special mathematical and other typographical symbols.

Pages: 12
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An Introduction to TeX and Friends - Gavin Maltby

A document with sections on getting acquainted with TeX, getting started with LaTeX, and mathematical typesetting with LaTeX. This is somewhat dated as the last version appeared in 1992, but it is still very useful as an overview and for basic LaTeX commands that haven't changed much with the introduction of LaTeX2e.

Pages: 75
Date: Nov. 1992
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Getting Started with LaTeX - David Wilkins

Pages: 46
Date: 1995

LaTeX for Word Processor Users - Guido Gonzato

Pages: 38
Date: 2002

Beginner's LaTeX - UCC Computer Centre

Pages: 75
Date: 2001

Document Preparation with LaTeX - David Budgen and Sam Nelson

Pages: 46
Date: 1990

A Guide to LaTeX - Kelly Kearney and Geoff Baskwill

Date: 1994

LaTeX: From Quick and Dirty to Style and Finesse - Tony Roberts

A Simplified Introduction to LaTeX - Harvey Greenberg

Pages: 136
Date: 2001

Essential LaTeX - Jon Warbrick

A document which aims to provide all of the essential information needed to use LaTeX. It covers only the very basic features needed for any document such as the standard available document styles, type styles, special symbols, and some error recovery information. The is available in LaTeX format (essential.tex) and requires the style file hndout.sty (available in the same directory) for processing. It was last updated in 1992 so only covers the pre-LaTeX2e version.

Pages: 17
Date: Sep. 1992
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The Not so Short Introduction to LaTeX - Tobias Oetiker

A reasonably complete guide on how to use LaTeX. It consists of chapters describing the basic structure of LaTeX2e documents and the history of LaTeX, the essential commands needed for every document, typesetting mathematical formulas, and adding graphics and creating indexes. If you're not going to do anything fancy this should be sufficient as your only LaTeX manual. This is available in PostScript (, DVI (lshort2e.dvi), and
PDF (lshort2e.pdf) formats.

Pages: 71
Date: Oct. 1997
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University of Cambridge LaTeX Documentation

Online HTML versions of these are available as well as printable PostScript versions.

Word Processing Using LaTeX

A document containing the basic information needed to create a LaTeX source file and process it for printing. This is for utter beginners.

Pages: 6
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Advanced LaTeX

A document describing more advanced LaTeX features including document structure, color and fonts, environments, and customization.

Pages: 23
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LaTeX Maths and Graphics

A document detailing how to typeset equations and add graphics to LaTeX documents.

Pages: 16
Local copy: [ PostScript ]

LaTeX: The Macro Package for TeX - Leslie Lamport

LaTeX documentation in Texinfo format that is distributed as part of GNU Emacs. This document consists of an overview and local guide, an annotated list of commands, and an annotated list of parameters. There are separate versions for old LaTeX and for LaTeX2e.

Pages: 50+
Old LaTeX: [ Texinfo / DVI / PostScript ]
LaTeX2e: [ Texinfo / DVI / PostScript ]

Figure'ing and Picture'ing in LaTeX - Anil Goel

A guide to software that can be used to create graphics to embed in LaTeX documents. This covers how to embed graphics created with the EEPIC, xfig, and MusicTeX packages and with the PostScript language. It doesn't get too deeply into any of the packages although brief examples are given for each. This is available in PostScript ( format.

Pages: 14
Date: Jul. 1994
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A Guide to Using Macros and Style Files in LaTeX - T. Iwakuma and T. Furukawa

A guide to the whys and hows of style files and macros. This discusses why style files are used, how they can be created or modified, how mathematics are typeset, the use of figures, creating bibliographies, fonts, and various other programming aspects. This was written in 1994 and covers the old LaTeX but is still useful.

Pages: 52
Date: 1994
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Using Imported Graphics in LaTeX2e - Keith Reckdahl

An overview of how to use and embed graphics, mostly PostScript, in documents processed with LaTeX2e. It is divided into four parts: (1) a brief history and overview of LaTeX, PostScript, and Encapsulated PostScript (EPS); (2) a description of the commands in the basic LaTeX graphics bundle which allow you to import, scale, and rotate graphics; (3) a tutorial on the use of the commands in the basic LaTeX graphics bundle along with instructions on how to embed non-PostScript files, replace text in EPS files with LaTeX symbols, and save space when using the same EPS file several times in one document; and (4) how to use and customize the floating figure environment. This is a good supplement to the information contained in the LaTeX Companion book, expanding on some of the briefer explanations therein and offering many more examples. The file is available in either a PostScript ( or PDF (epslatex.pdf) format.

Pages: 86
Date: Dec. 1997
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LaTeX2e Release Official Documentation Set

These five documents were contained in the official LaTeX2e release to smooth the transition and offer brief overviews of the new features for both users and package writers.

LaTeX2e for Authors - LaTeX3 Project Team

A description of how to take advantage of the new features of LaTeX2e and how to process old LaTeX 2.09 documents with the new version.

Pages: 30
Date: Dec. 1995
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Modifying LaTeX - LaTeX3 Project Team

Describes the principles underlying the policy on distribution and modification of the files comprising the LaTeX system.

Pages: 7
Date: Dec. 1995
Local copy: [ PostScript ]

Configuration Options for LaTeX2e - LaTeX3 Project Team

An overview of how to modify local configuration (*.cfg) files. This should only be of interest to those installing the system.

Pages: 10
Date: Dec. 1995
Local copy: [ PostScript ]

LaTeX2e for Class and Package Writers - LaTeX3 Project Team

An introduction to writing classes and packages for LaTeX, with special attention given to upgrading existing LaTeX 2.09 packages to LaTeX2e. The sections include writing classes and packages, the structure of a class or package, commands for class and package writers, miscellaneous commands, and upgrading LaTeX 2.09 classes and packages. This should be of interest of more advanced users who plan on writing such things.

Pages: 31
Date: Nov. 1996
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LaTeX2e Font Selection - LaTeX3 Project Team

An overview of the new font selection features of LaTeX2e. It is intended for package writers who want to write font loading packages.

Pages: 28
Date: Nov. 1996
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BiTeXing - Oren Patashnik

An overview of the basics of BibTeX, a bibliography production package used by LaTeX. This covers entry types, fields for the entries, and offers many hints on how to optimally use BibTeX.

Pages: 16
Date: Feb. 1988
Local copy: [ PostScript ]

How to Use BibTeX - Jenny Williams

Date: 2001


METAFONT for Beginners - Geoffrey Tobin

A brief introduction to METAFONT and some of the pitfalls frequently encountered when using it. This starts by describing what METAFONT is and what it can be used for. It then gives several examples of how to invoke and use it, and concludes by discussing some limitations and how to avoid some common errors. This is available in old LaTeX format (metafont-for-beginners.tex) and can be processed with any version of LaTeX.

Pages: 21
Date: Jul, 1994
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