Oceanography Resources

Here you'll find links to other collections of links (i.e. metalinks), a list of available numerical ocean circulation models, various educational and enlightening documents, a guide to the scattered and varied data sets available, a list of references or three, and a guide to the graphics and imaging resources available via the Web. There's also the usual list of FTP/Gopher/WWW servers at various oceanographic institutions. Forthcoming will be an expanded (i.e. enlarged and annotated) version of the reference list(s), a more thorough review and discussion of the graphics resources (perhaps with the odd example), hopefully many more educational documents, a searchable data set collection, and much, much more on the subject of ocean circulation modeling. There'll also be an eternally growing glossary of oceanography terms as part of a larger climate/paleoclimate glossary.

If you're using a graphical browser then you'll notice quite a few images of sailing vessels scattered throughout these pages. These were liberated from, amongst other places, the Age of Sail Page that contains all sorts of information about sailing past and present. More drawings and pictures of sailing ships are available in a separate directory. Types of available information:


Other lists of oceanographic resources.

Maps of Oceans and Regional Seas

Maps containing geographic features and bathymetry for the various oceans and regional seas of the world.

Ocean circulation models

Descriptive links to ocean circulation modeling projects and/or available circulation models.


This is part of a more comprehensive glossary of climatology/paleoclimatology and as such contains definitions (and references) for many terms and abbreviations used in oceanography.

Educational documents

Links to educational sites or documents on the Web.

Graphics and data analysis software

Annotated lists of software useful to geoscientists in the areas of graphics and image processing, data analysis and manipulation, and standardized data storage formats.

Miscellaneous software

A grab bag miscellany of various useful software.

Oceanographic data

Links to sources of data.

References, sources, etc.

Lists of reference books, texts, and review papers pertinent to the field.

Historical Oceanography

A list and description of notable historical expeditions of oceanographic interest.

Educational and research institutions

Institutions, universities, or colleges with reseach and/or educational oceanography programs, or at least those who've established some sort of Web presence.

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Last checked or updated: Feb. 15, 1997

S. Baum
Dept. of Oceanography
Texas A&M University