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Scientific Computing on Linux and Tru64

Wherein we explore the whys and wherefores of various softwares for enabling the performance of really spiffy scientific feats on Linux machines.

The categories thus far explored include:

Temporary Stuff LAPACK/BLAS

This includes pointers to various incarnations of the LAPACK/BLAS software for performing various linear algebra tasks. Eventually it might even contain things like binaries for specific platform/compiler combinations, but don't hold your breath.

"LAPACK provides routines for solving systems of simultaneous linear equations, least-squares solutions of linear systems of equations, eigenvalue problems, and singular value problems. The associated matrix factorizations (LU, Cholesky, QR, SVD, Schur, generalized Schur) are also provided, as are related computations such as reordering of the Schur factorizations and estimating condition numbers. Dense and banded matrices are handled, but not general sparse matrices. In all areas, similar functionality is provided for real and complex matrices, in both single and double precision."


Being faced with the task of implementing one of these things on a mess o' hardware, I've cobbled together a list of candidates in the hopes of lessening the confusion.

Other stuff like this, but better organized.

Distributed Filesystems



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