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Bibliography of Domestic Economy (1901, 170) - Robert Kendall Shaw

Bibliographer and Reference List, Vol. 1 (1888)

The "Cookery and Cook Books" bibliography starts on page 101.

Old Cookery Books and Ancient Cuisine (1902, 271) - William Carew Hazlitt

My Cookery Books (1903, 171) - Elizabeth Robins Pennell

Doing Your Bit at Home: Some Library Books That Will Help You (1917, 23)

An Outline on the History of Cookery (1915, 36) - Anna Barrows, Bertha E. Shapleigh, Anne Dudley Blitz



The Cooks and Confectioners Dictionary (1723) - John Nott


The Compleat City and Country Cook (1732, 280) - Charles Carter

The Country Housewife and Lady's Director in the Management of a House, Vol. 2 (1732, 188) - Richard Bradley

A Collection of Above Three Hundred Receipts in Cookery, Physick, and Surgery, 5th Ed. (1734, 272) - Mary Kettilby

The Whole Duty of a Woman (1737, 682)


The London and Country Cook: or, Accomplished Housewife, 3rd Ed. (1749, 363) - Charles Carter


A New and Easy Method of Cookery (1755, 204) - Elizabeth Cleland

A Complete System of Cookery (1759, 240) - William Verral


The House-Keeper's Pocket-Book, and Compleat Family Cook (1760, 251) - Sarah Harrison, Mary Morris

The Art of Confectionary (1761, 63) - Edward Lambert

English Housewifry: Exemplified in Above Four Hundred and Fifty Receipts (1764) - Elizabeth Moxon

The Experienced English House-Keeper (1769, 362) - Elizabeth Raffald


The Court and Country Confectioner: or, the House-Keeper's Guide (1770, 320) - Borella

The Art of Cookery, Made Plain and Easy (1774, 440) - Hannah Glasse

The Art of Making Wines from Fruits, Flowers, and Herbs (1775, 64) - William Graham


The Ladies' Assistant for Regulating and Supplying the Table (1787, 484) - Charlotte Mason

The Art of Cookery, Made Plain and Easy (1784, 409) - Hannah Glasse

The English Art of Cookery (1788, 656) - Richard Briggs


The Practice of Cookery, Pastry, Pickling, Preserving, &c. (1791, 254) - Mrs. Frazer

Antiquitates Culinariae; or, Curious Tracts Relating to the Culinary Affairs of the Old English (1791, 137) - Richard Warner


Having cleansed it well, wash it, first with vinegar and salt, and afterwards with water. Then take hog's flesh pounded to a paste; mix with it the brains of three hogs, cleansed from the fibres, together with hard eggs. To this put cloves of garlick; add whole pepper, and make it of a proper consistence with broth. Beat up pepper, ligusticum, affascetida#, anise-seed, ginger, a small quantity of rue, the best garum@, and a little oil. With this composition stuff the paunch, but not too tightly, that it may not be much agitated in boiling. Tie the mouth of it well, and put it into a boiling cauldron. Then take it out, and prick it with a needle, lest it should burst. When it is parboiled, take it out again, and hang it up to smoke, that it may aquire a proper flavour. Lastly, when you untie it for the purpose of dressing it, add garum, wine, and a little oil; cut it open with a small knife, and servie it up with liquamen and ligusticum*.

# Affascetida, or Devi's-Bit, is a stinking Gum that is hot in the third, and dry in the fourth degree: it cleanseth evil Humours, it is good for the Yellows and Staggers in a Horse, a little piece of it being dissolved in Brandy, and put into his Ears.

@ Garum was a type of fermented fish sauce condiment that was an essential flavour in Ancient Roman cooking.

* The ligusticum was an herb found in Tuscany, of a very hot nature, and considered as greatly beneficial to the stomach. Vide Stumelberg, in Apicium, p. 39. Apicium Lib. vii. c. 7.

The London Art of Cookery, 7th Ed. (1792, 467) - John Farley

The New Experienced English-Housekeeper (1795, 173) - Sarah Martin


The Complete Confectioner (1800, 360) - Hannah Glasse, Maria Wilson

A Practical Treatise on Diet, and on the Most Salutary and Agreeable Means of Supporting Life and Health (1801, 434) - William Nisbet

The Art of Cookery Made Easy and Refined (1802, 314) - John Mollard

The Housekeeper's Instructor; or, Universal Family Cook (1805, 448) - William Augustus Henderson, Jacob Christopher Schnebbelie

A Treatise on the Art of Bread-Making (1805, 216) - Abraham Edlin

A Complete System of Cookery (1806, 754) - John Simpson

Culina Famulatrix Medicinae: or, Receipts in Modern Cookery (1806, 284) - Alexander Hunter

The Universal Cook (1806, 383) - Francis Collingwood, John Woollams

The Art of Cookery Made Easy and Refined (1808, 211) - John Mollard

The Imperial and Royal Cook (1809, 311) - Frederick Nutt


The Art of Preserving All Kinds of Animal and Vegetable Substances for Several Years (1811, 164) - Nicolas Appert

The Professed Cook; or, the Modern Art of Cookery, Pastry, & Confectionary (1812, 549) - B. Clermont

A New System of Domestic Cookery (1814, 316) - Maria Eliza Ketelby Rundell

A Complete System of Cookery, on a Plan Entirely New (1816, 568) - John Simpson

Apicius Redivivus: or, The Cooks Oracle (1817) - William Kitchiner

Modern Domestic Cookery and Useful Receipt Book (1819) - Elizabeth Hammond

Augsburgisches Kochbhuch (1819, 655) - Sophie Juliane Weiler

The Complete Confectioner (1819, 261) - Frederick Nutt

The Family Receipt Book, 2nd Ed. (1819, 408) - Maria Eliza Ketelby Rundell


The Practice of Cookery, Pastry, and Confectionary (1820, 312) - Mrs. Frazer

A Treatise on Adulterations of Food, and Culinary Poisons (1820) - Friedrich Christian A. Accum

The Cook and Housekeeper's Complete and Universal Dictionary (1822, 495) - Mary Eaton

The American Domestic Cookery (1823, 357) - Maria Eliza Ketelby Rundell

Cookery and Confectionary (1824, 213) - John Conrade Cooke

A New System of Domestic Cookery, New Ed. (1824, 449) - Maria Eliza Ketelby Rundell

The Economist and General Adviser, Vol. 1 (1824, 528)

The Art of French Cookery (1827, 380) - Antoine Beauvilliers

Domestic Economy and Cookery for Rich and Poor (1827, 691) - Lady

The Cook's Oracle: Containing Receipts for Plain Cookery (1827, 491) - William Kitchiner

Modern Domestic Cookery, and Useful Receipt Book (1828, 358) - William Agustus Henderson, David Hughson

The Cook and Housewife's Manual, 3rd Ed. (1828, 527) - Christian Isobel Johnstone

The French Cook (1829, 439) - Louis Eustache Ude

Apician Morsels; or, Tales of the Table, Kitchen, and Larder; Containing a New and Improved Code of Eatics; Select Epicurean Precepts; Nutritive Maxims, Reflections, Anecdotes, &c. (1829, 204) - Dick Humelbergius Secundus

Modern Domestic Cookery, and Useful Receipt Book, Adapted for Families in the Middling and Genteel Ranks of Life (1829, 707) - William Augustus Henderson, D. Hughson


The Cook's Dictionary (1830, 516) - Richard Dolby

The Practice of Cookery: Adapted to the Business of Every Day Life (1830, 552) - Mrs. Dalgairns

Cookery Made Easy: Being a Complete System of Domestic Management, Uniting Elegance With Economy (1831, 512) - Michael Willis

Family Receipts: or, Practical Guide for the Husbandman and Housewife (1831, 400) - H. L. Barnum

Vegetable Substances Used for the Food of Man (1832, 396) - Edwin Lankester

The Cook's Own Book: Being a Complete Culinary Encyclopedia (1832, 300) - Mrs. N. K. M. Lee

The Cook's Dictionary, and Housekeeper's Directory: A New Family Manual of Cookery and Confectionary (1833, 541) - Richard Dolby

Simpson's Cookery, Improved and Modernised: The Complete Modern Cook (1834, 408) - John Simpson

The Royal Parisian Pastrycook and Confectioner from the Original of M. A. Careme (1834, 394)

The Art of Cookery (1836, 323) - John Mollard

Seventy-Five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats (1836, 106) - Eliza Leslie

A System of French Domestic Cookery (1837, 380) - Antonie B. Beauvilliers

A Treatise on Bread and Bread-Making (1837, 131) - Sylvester Graham

The Housekeeper's Guide, or A Plain and Practical System of Domestic Cookery (1838, 480) - Esther Copley

Cucina Teorico-Pratica Col Corrispondente Riposto, 2nd Ed. (1839, 440) - Ippolito Cavalcanti

A Modern System of Domestic Cookery (1839, 676) - M. Radcliffe


The Young House-Keepr; or, Thoughts on Food and Cookery (1842, 424) - William Alexander Alcott

The Lady's Own Cookery Book, and New Dinner-Table Directory (1844, 390) - Charlotte Campbell Bury

Directions for Cookery in Its Various Branches (1844, 511) - Eliza Leslie

The Complete Confectioner, Pastry-Cook, and Baker (1844, 154) - Eleanor Parkinson

The Practical Cook, English and Foreign (1845, 498) - Joseph Bregion, Anne Miller

The Complete Cook (1846, 196) - J. M. Sanderson

The Jewish Manual; or, Practical Information in Jewish and Modern Cookery (1846, 244) - A Lady

French Domestic Cookery: Combining Elegance with Economy (1846, 339) - Louis Eustache Audot

The Cook and Housewife's Manual (1847, 683) - Christian Isobel Johnstone

Modern Domestic Cookery, and Useful Receipt Book (1847, 420) - William Augustus Henderson

A New System of Domestic Cookery (1847, 491) - Maria Eliza Ketelby Rundell

The Young Cook's Assistant (1848, 160)

The Knife and Fork for 1849 (1849, 96)

Miss Leslie's Lady's New Receipt-Book (1840, 436) - Eliza Leslie


Miss Leslie's Complete Cookery, 38th Ed. (1851, 522) - Eliza Leslie

The American Matron; or, Practical and Scientific Cookery (1851, 268)

Modern Domestic Cookery (1851, 675)

Murray's Modern Cookery Book: Modern Domestic Cookery (1851, 675) - A Lady

The Modern Housewife or Menagere (1851, 450) - Alexis Soyer

Irving's 1000 Receipts: or, Modern and Domestic Cookery (1952, 216) - Lucretia Irving

The Illustrated London Cookery Book (1852, 460) - Frederick Bishop

The Ladies' New Book of Cookery: A Practical System for Private Families in Town and Country, 5th Ed. (1852, 474) - Sarah Josepha Buell Hale

The Gastronomic Regenerator: A Simplified and Entirely New System of Cookery, 8th Ed. (1852, 733) - A. Soyer

French Cookery Adapted for English Families (1852, 209) - E. Crawford

The Pantropheon; or, History of Food, and Its Preparation (1853, 469) - Alexis Soyer

Mrs. Chadwick's Cook Book (1853, 159) - Mrs. J. Chadwick

A Practical Treatise on the Choice and Cookery of Fish (1854, 291) - Piscator

Practice of Cookery and Pastry (1854, 192) - Mrs. I. Williamson

Cookery: Rational, Practical, and Economical; Treated in Connexion with the Chemistry of Food (1855, 186) - Hartelaw Reid

A Shilling Cookery for the People (1855, 190) - Alexis Soyer

The Book of the Garden, Vol. 2: Cultural (1855, 867) - Charles McIntosh

The second volume has 300 pages of fine print on "The Culinary or Kitchen Garden."

Cookery as It Should Be (1856, 362)

The Food of London: A Sketch of the Chief Varieties Sources of Supply, Probably Quantities, Modes of Arrival, Processes of Manufacture, Suspected Adulteration, and Machinery of Distribution of the Food for a Community of Two Millions and a Half (1856, 524) - George Dodd

The Independent Liquorist; or, the Art of Manufacturing and Preparing All Kinds of Cordials, Bitters, Wines, Champagne, Beer, Punches, Tinctures, Extracts, Essences, Flavorings, Colorings, Worcestershire Sauce, Club Sauce, Catsups, Pickles, Preserves, James, Jellies, Etc., Etc. (1856, 193) - Leonard Monzert

Fruits and Farinacea the Proper Food of Man, 2nd Ed. (1856, 294) - John Smith, Russell Thacher Trall

Mrs. Hale's New Cook Book: A Practical System for Private Families in Town (1857, 480) - Sarah Josepha Buell Hale

Miss Leslie's New Cookery Book (1857, 630) - Eliza Leslie

The English Bread-Book for Domestic use (1857, 204) - Eliza Acton

The Preservation of Food: From the "Aus der Natur" of Abel (1857, 96) - Ambrose Abel, Elizur Goodrich Smith

Miss Leslie's Complete Cookery (1858, 522) - Eliza Leslie

Modern Cookery in All Its Branches, 2nd Ed. (1858, 418) - Eliza Acton

The Curiosities of Food; or the Dainties and Delicacies of Different Nations Obtained from the Animal Kingdom (1859, 372) - Peter Lund Simmonds

The English Cookery Book: Uniting a Good Style with Economy (1859, 375) - John Henry Walsh

Vegetable Diet (1859, 312) - William Andrus Alcott

Hints for the Table: or, the Economy of Good Living (1859) - John Timbs

The English Cookery Book (1859, 375) - John Henry Walsh


Breakfast, Dinner, and Tea: Viewed Classically, Poetically, and Practically (1860, 351) - Julia C. Andrews

Indian Domestic Economy and Receipt Book (1860, 677) - R. Riddell

The Southern Gardener and Receipt Book, 3rd Ed. (1860, 478) - Mrs. Mary L. Edgeworth

The Housekeeper's Encyclopeda of Use Information (1861, 445) - E. F. Haskell

Foreign Desserts for English Tables (1862, 160)

Cookery and Domestic Economy (1862, 410) - Mary Somerville

Turkish Cookery Book (1862) - Turabi

The Royal English and Foreign Confectioner: A Practical Treatise on the Art of Confectionary in All Its Branches (1862, 440) - Charles Elme Francatelli

The Book of Household Management (1863, 1112) - Isabella Mary Beeton

Cookery for English Households (1864, 80) - A French Lady

The Art and Mystery of Curing, Preserving, and Potting All Kinds of Meats, Game and Fish (1864, 184) - J.R.

The Art of Confectionary (1865, 346)

What to Do With the Cold MUtton: A Book of Rechauffes (1865, 218) - P.K.S.

Mrs. Goodfellow's Cookery as It Should Be (1865, 362) - Mrs. Goodfellow

Mrs. Beeton's Dictionary of Every-Day Cookery (1865, 371) - Isabella Mary Beeton

A Treatise on the Artof Boiling Sugar, Crystallizing, Lozenge-Making, Comfits, Gum Goods, and Other Processes for Confectionary, Etc. (1865, 155) - Henry Weatherley

The Dictionary of Daily Wants (1866, 1135) - Robert Kemp Philp

Hints for the Table: or, The Economy of Good Living, with a Few Words on Winesm, New Ed. (1866, 184)

Allgemeines Deutsches Kochbuch fur Alle Stande, Oder Grundliche Anweisung (1866, 499) - Sophie Wilhelmine Scheibler

Dainty Dishes: Receipts (1866, 335) - Lady Harriet Elizabeth St. Clair

Vegetable Cookery (1866, 241) - John Smith

The Treasure of French Cookery: A Collection of the Best French Recipes Arranged and Adapted for English Households (1866, 298) - Harriet Toogood

Jennie June's American Cookery Book (1866, 343) - Jane Cunningham Croly

Crumbs from the Round Table: A Feast for Epicures (1866, 106) - Joseph Barber

Dixie Cookery; or, How I Managed My Table for Twelve Years (1867, 121) - Maria Massey Barringer

The Cook's Guide, and Housekeeper's & Butler's Assistant: A Practical Treatise on English and Foreign Cookery in All Its Branches (1867, 524) - Charles Elme Francatelli

Good Cookery Illustrated: And Recipes Communicated by the Welsh Hermit of the Cell of St. Gover (1867, 482) - Augusa Waddington Hall Llanover

Wholesome Fare; or, The Doctor and the Cook (1868, 794) - Edmund Saul Dixon, Ellen J. Dixon

Warne's Model Cookery and Housekeepring Book (1868, 156) - Mary Jewry

Modern Cookery, for Private Families, Reduced to a System of Easy Practice (1868, 643) - Eliza Acton

The Epicure's Year Book for 1869 (1869, 218) - William Blanchard Jerrold

The Royal Cookery Book (1869, 599) - Jules Gouffe, Alphonse Gouffe


Artistic Cookery; for the Nobility and Gentry and for Public Entertainments (1870, 300) - Urbain Dubois

What to Eat, and How to Cook It, With Rules for Preserving, Canning and Drying Fruits and Vegetables (1870, 124) - John Cowan

Cuisine Artisique (1872, 444) - Urbain Dubois

A Dictionary of Every-Day Wants Containing Twenty Thousand Receipts (1872, 539) - Alexander E. Youman

On Food: Its Varieties, Etc., 2nd Ed. (1872, 255) - Henry Letheby

Le Livre de Patisserie (1873, 506) - Jules Gouffe

Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine (1873, 1179) - Alexandre Dumas

On Food: Being Lectures Delivered at the South Kensington Museum (1873, 385) - Edwin Lankester

Cre-Fydd's Family Fare: The Young Housewife's Daily Assistant on All Matters (1874, 340) - Cre-Fydd

Who's to Blame?; or, A Week's Experience of a Gastric Follicle (1874, 48) - William Michael Whitmarsh

Cosmopolitan Cookery: Popular Studies with 310 Drawings (1874) - Urbain Dubois

A Manual of Domestic Economy (1874, 776) - John Henry Walsh

The Royal Book of Pastry and Confectionary (1874, 476) - Jules Gouffe, Alphonse Gouffe

Buckmaster's Cookery (1874, 302) - John Charles Buckmaster

Gastronomie Recits de Table, Deuxieme Ed. (1874, 396) - Charles Monselet

Household Cookery Book: Practical and Elementary Methods, 2nd Ed. (1875, 588) - Urbain Dubois

A Book About the Table, Vol. 1 & 2 (1875, 327 & 352) - John Cordy Jeaffreson

Report on Vienna Bread (1875, 122) - Eben Norton Horsford

Things a Lady Would Like to Know Concerning Domestic Management and Expenditure (1875, 543) - Henry Southgate

Little Dinners (1876, 265) - Mary Hooper

Round the Table: Notes on Cookery and Plain Recipes (1876, 303) - Victor Chevalley de Rivaz

The Use of Animals in Relation to Industry of Man (1876, 380) - Edwin Lakester

Food: Its Adulterations, and the Methods for Their Detection (1876, 896) - Arthur Hill Hassall

Common-Sense Papers on Cookery (1877, 260) - Arthur Gay Payne

Puddings and Sweets, 365 Receipts (1877) - Lucy Jones

Cookery and Home Comforts (1877, 144) - Mrs. S. S. Wigley

Kettner's Book of the Table: A Manual of Cookery Practical, Theoretical, Historical (1877, 500)

A culinary dictionary of remarkable interest.

Too much art in cookery may be as fatal as too little ; and it is impossible to read some of the receipts of the master-cooks without wishing that they could forget high art and come down to common sense. For an odd illustration, take the sauce which is called Robert—originally a Roebuck sauce, now a sauce for broiled or roasted pork and for goose. Its history will be found under its proper name. English taste has long since found out what are the proper adjuncts for roasted or broiled pork—namely, onion, apple, and mustard. The onions, combined sometimes with sage, are presented in a mash ; there is apple sauce with a gentle acidity ; there is the pungent bitter of the mustard ; and each of these flavouring elements is kept apart upon the plate. The old French cooks determined on a similar combination; but the ingredients were mixed together in the kitchen, and served up as Sauce Robert. It was simply a mash of onions well browned in butter, with the addition of some French mustard, containing, it is needless to say, tarragon vinegar, the acid of which takes the place of the apple in the parallel English arrangement. Simple as it is, it would be difficult, by the most elaborate devices, to concoct a sauce better suited for its purpose and more relished. The receipt for it will be I found, in all its simplicity, in the classical work of Beau- I villiers—the first cookery book which had any pretension I to scientific accuracy.

But ask for the Sauce Robert at clubs and restaurants, whether in Paris or London : it is impossible to recognise it in the liquid which is now served under its name. The great chefs cannot rest content with the simplicity of the old receipt. They glory in high art and all the wonders of science ; and they have improved upon the sauce until its fine gusto is lost in a weak civilisation. The Sauce Robert was bountiful in its onions—indeed, illimitable. In the sauce of the modern Boulevards the quantity is reduced : onions are not polite enough—and sometimes they are intermingled with chopped gherkins. In the Sauce Robert there was no thought of wine or ketchup, nor any thought of vinegar beyond the little tarragon vinegar involved in French mustard. But one set of artists (Bernard, Dubois, and Gouffe at their head) now load it with wine, and even ketchup ; another set (Francatelli at their head) drench it with vinegar, making it a kind of Sharp sauce ; while there are cookery books whose writers think that they cannot have too much of a good thing, and drown the sauce in wine and ketchup as well as vinegar. If cooks wish to invent a new saiice, let them give it a new name ; and if diners want to have with their pork-chops a sharp sauce like that served on the Boulevards, let them have it —the taste is intelligible. But if they want Sauce Robert, they surely ought to get it in the simplicity of the old receipt, which is perfect in its way. It is absurd to spoil a good sauce in the name of high art, and to muddle our cookery books by a vainglorious falsification of the receipts.

The Dinner Bell: A Gastronomic Manual (1878, 124) - Blanchard Jerrold

Lessons in Cookery: Hand-Book of the National Training School for Cookery (1878, 382) - Rose Owen Cole, Thomas King Chambers

Wholesome Fare: A Sanitary Cook-Book Comprising the Laws of Food and the Practice of Cookery, 2nd Ed. (1878, 826) - Edmund S. Delamere, Ellen J. Delamere

Food and Home Cookery (1879, 108) - Catherine M. Buckton

Koch-Buch fur die Deutschen in Amerika (1879, 400) - Henriette Davidis


Tasty Dishes made from Tested Recipes (1880, 144)

The Indian Cookery Book: A Practical Handbook to the Kitchen in India (1880, 123)

The Appledore Cook Book: Containing Practical Receipts for Plain and Rich Cooking (1880, 240) - Maria Parloa

The Modern Cook: A Practical Guide to the Culinary Art in All Its Branches (1880, 560) - Charles Elme Francatelli

Dainty Dishes for Indian Tables (1881, 448)

Cuisine de Tous les Pay Etudes Cosmopolites (1881, 743) - Urbain Dubois

Culture and Cooking: or, Art in the Kitchen (1881, 121) - Catherine Owen

The School Cookery Book (1881, 158) - C. E. Guthrie Wright

The Complete Bread, Cake and Cracker Baker (1881, 380) - J. Thompson Gill

Bonnes Bouches: A Collection of Recipes (1882)

The Book of Forty Puddings (1882, 56) - Susan Anna Brown

Handbook of Domestic Cookery (1882, 384)

La Cuisine Classique: Etudes Pratiques, Raisonnees et Demonstratives de L'Ecole Francaise (1882, 540) - Urbain Dubois, Emile Bernard

Choice Dishes at Small Cost (1882, 379) - Arthur Gay Payne

Cookery and Housekeeping (1882, 540) - Mrs. Henry Reeve

Petit Dictionnaire de Cuisine (1882, 819) - Alexandre Dumas

Wholesome Cookery (1882, 188) - Madame Mmarie de Joncourt

The Universal Assistant, and Complete Mechanic, Containing Over One Million Industrial Facts, Calculations, Receipts, Processes, Trade Secrets, Rules, Business Forms, Legal Items, Etc. (1882, 1016) - Richard Moore

THE SECRETS OF VIENNA BREAD.—The proportions of Vienna bread, confessedly inferior to none in the world, are: Flour 100 lbs.; water and milk, 9 gals.; salt, 6 lbs. 4 ozs.; pressed yeast, 18 lbs. 12 ozs. According to Prof. Horsford, good fresh middlings flour will compare favorably with the average Hungarian flour used in Vienna. The fresh pressed yeast is obtained by skimming the froth from beer mash in active fermentation. This contains the upper yeast, which must be repeatedly washed with cold water until only the pure white yeast settles clear from the water. This soft, tenacious mass, after the water has been drawn off, is gathered into bags and subjected to hydraulic pressure, until there remains a semi-solid, somewhat brittle, dough-like substauce, still containing considerable water. This is the pressed yeast, which will keep for eighty days in summer, and much longer on ice. For use it should be fresh and sweet.

The mixing is commenced by emptying the flour sacks into a zinc-lined trough about 2 1/2 feet wide and 8 feet long, half round in form. Then with a pail holding about 5 gals., equal parts of milk and water are poured, and left to stand until the mixture attains the temperature of the room, between 70° and 80° Fahr. It is then poured into one end of the trough and mixed with the bare hand with a small portion of the flour to form a thin emulsion. The pressed yeast is next crumbled finely in the hands, and added in the proportion of 3 1/2 ozs. to every 3 qts. of liquid, and then 1 oz. of salt in same proportion is intermingled through the mass. The trough is now covered and left undisturbed for 3/4 of an hour, and after thi3 the rest of the flour is incorporated with the mass in the above-named proportions.

The mass of dough, being allowed to rest for 2 1/2 hours, becomes a smooth, tenacious, puffed mass of yellowish color, which yields to indentation without rupture and is elastic. It is now weighed into pound masses, and each lump is cut by machinery into 12 small pieces, each 3/4 inch in thickness. Of each ono of these, the corners are brought together in the centre and pinched to secure them. Then the lump is reversed and placed on a long dough board for further fermentation, until the whole batch is ready for the oven. Before being introduced into the latter, the rolls are again reversed and restored to their original position, having considerably increased in volume, to be still farther enlarged in the oven to at least twice the size of the original dough. In the oven they do not touch each other, and the baking occupies about 15 minutes. To glaze the surface they are touched in the process of baking with a sponge dipped in milk, which besides imparting to them a smooth surface, increases the brilliancy of the slightly reddish cinnamon color and adds to the grateful aroma of the crust.

Cassell's Dictionary of Cookery (1883, 1178) - Cassell

Our New Cook Book and Household Receipts (1883, 454) - Sarah Annie Frost

The Art of Dining; or, Gastronomy and Gastronomers (1883, 137) - Abraham Hayward

The Dixie Cook-Book (1883, 688) - Estelle Woods Wilcox

Fish Cookery (1883, 99) - Mrs. John B. Thwaites

Mrs. Gilpin's Frugalities: Remnants and 200 Ways of Using Them (1883, 102) - Susan Anna Brown

The Oyster Epicure: A Collation of Authorities on the Gastronomy and Dietetics of the Oyster (1883, 61)

The Commercial Products of the Sea: or, Marine Contributions to Food (1883, 484) - Peter Lund Simmonds

Health in the Household: or, Hygienic Cookery (1883, 602) - Susanna Way Dodds

Les Plantes Potageries: Description et Culture des Principaux Legumes des Climates Temperes (1883, 650) - Vilmorin-Andrieux

The Chicago Herald Cooking School: A Professional Cook's Book for Household Use (1883, 126) - Jessup Whitehead

Culinary Gems: A Collection of Choice Recipes (1884, 147) - Emily E. Squire

Maigre Cookery (1884, 96) - H. L. Sidney Lear

Au maigre is a French term for soups and other dishes prepared without meat, which apparently was sufficiently well known in 1884 such that the author felt no need to explain the term in the preface.

The Franco-American Cookery Book (1884, 626) - Felix J. Deliee

A Practical Guide for the Cake and Bread Baker (1884, 96) - C. W. Schlumpf

Culinary Gems: A Collection of Choice Recipes (1884, 147) - Emily E. Squire

Sweet Dishes: A Little Treatise on Confectionary and Entremets Sucres (1884, 242) - Arthur Robert Kenney-Herbert

Juliet Coron's New Family Cook Book (1885, 288) - Juliet Corson

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A Practical Treatise on the Manufacture of Vinegar and Acetates, Cider, and Fruit Wines; Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables by Canning and Evaporation; Preparation of Fruit-Butters, Jellies, Marmalades, Catchups, Pickles, Mustards, Etc. (1889, 463) - William Theodore Brannt

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Culinary Nuggets for Housekeepers (1889, 168)


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99 Practical Methods of Utilizing Boiled Beef (1893, 122) - Babet

ARE you fond of boiled beef? Your only answer is a slight grimace. Words are superfluous. I can interpret your looks. And you, sir? you, madame? you, mademoiselle? you, baby?

Unanimously you reply, " No," a thousand times no, we do not like boiled beef, the bouilli as we call it at home. Yet—oh, the miseries of this life—we force ourselves to eat it at least once a week, with a resignation that our utmost endeavors fail to render a smiling acquiescence to the duty of economy. The pot-au-feu is truly delicious. As soon as it appears upon the table, our faces become illumined with expectation. We taste it; how savory it is, how delicately odorous. This is a dainty morsel, we exclaim. But suddenly monsieur's face loses its blissful expression; madame and mademoiselle suppress a sigh; baby makes a grimace;—to each has occurred the thought of the bouilli, the horrible bouilli, which is the price to be paid for the golden bouillon that makes our eyes shine, brings joy to our olfactories, and whets our appetite. Under the oppression of this sudden thought, all joy is banished, and the meal is finished in gloom.

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This copy contains only the fish section.

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Studies for the Bakehouse (1903, 172) - Archibald Kirkland

The Steward's Handbook and Guide to Party Catering, 6th Ed. (1903, 493) - Jessup Whitehead

  1. Hotel Stewarding and Composition of Bills of Fare
  2. Restaurant Stewarding and Public Party Catering
  3. Catering for Private Parties, and Head Waiters and Their Troops
  4. A Dictionary of Dishes and Culinary Terms and Specialties
  5. How to Fold Napkins

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A Compendium of Food-Microscopy with Sections on Drugs, Water, and Tobacoo (1909, 431) - Edwy Godwin Clayton

Us Two Cook Book: Containing Tested Recipes for Two Persons (1909, 319) - Jennie B. Williams


A Feast of Good Things: A Cook Book (1910, 159)

Hand-Book for the Kitchen and Housekeeper's Guide (1910, 364) - Flora Neely

Sunshine Cook Book (1910, 173) - Jennie E. Underhill

Light Entertaining: A Book of Dainty Recipes for Special Occasions (1910, 68) - Helena Judson

Camp Cookery (1910, 154) - Horace Kephart

Everyday Dinners (1911, 410) - Olive Green

Good Things to Eat as Suggested by Rufus (1911, 142) - Rufus Estes

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Text-Book of Meat Hygiene (1911, 392) - Richard Heinrich Edelmann, John Robbins Mohler, Adolph Eichhorn

The Southern Cookbook (1912, 239) - S. Thomas Bivins

The Making of Ice Cream, Ices, Frozen Fruits, French Creams, Frozen Puddings, Sauces, Bisquits, Glaces, Mousses, Preserving Fruits for Ice Cream Use, Novelties in Ice Cream, Etc. (1912, 115) - Herman Gratz

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Sunday Suppers: Being Fifty-Four Chafing-Dish Recipes, Old and New (1912, 108) - Alice Laidlaw Williams

The Chafing Dish: Together With Directions for the Preparation of Sandwiches (1912, 271) - Alice Louise James

How to Use a Chafing Dish (1912, 109) - Sarah Tyson Heston Rorer

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How to Cook in Casserole Dishes (1912, 242) - Marion Harris Neil

Canning and Preserving, Rev. Ed. (1912, 118) - Sarah Tyson Heston Rorer

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The Law of Pure Food and Drugs (1912, 1113) - William Wheeler Thornton

Candy-Making Revolutionized: Confectionary from Vegetables (1912, 154) - Mary Elizabeth Hall

American Commercial Methods of Manufacturing Preserves, Pickles, Canned Foods, Etc., Rev. Ed. (1912, 212) - Charles A. Shinkle

Food and Cookery for the Sick and Convalescent (1912, 305) - Fannie Merritt Farmer

Unfired Food and Tropho-Therapy (Food Cure) (1912, 312) - George Julius Drews

Modern Women of America Cookbook (1913, 281) - Anna Claire Vangalder

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Fifty Years in a Maryland Kitchen (1913, 419) - Jane Grant Gilmore Howard

Recipes and Menus for Fifty (1913, 246) - Frances Lowe Smith

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The Gardener and the Cook (1913, 259) - Lucy Helen Yates

Candies and Bon-Bons and How to Make Them (1913, 287) - Marion Harris Neil

The Story of a Loaf of Bread (1913, 140) - Thomas Barlow Wood

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Vegetarian Cook Book (1914, 271) - Edwin Giles Fulton

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One Hundred Salads (1914, 113) - Linda Hull Larned

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The Something-Different Dish (1915, 121) - Marion Harris Neil

Food Products (1915, 594) - Henry Clapp Sherman

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Manual for the Essence Industry (1916, 427) - Erich Walter

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Buffalo Cookery (1916, 253)

Allied Cookery: British, French, Italian, Belgian, Russian (1916, 108) - Grace Clergue Harrison, Gertrude Clergue

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Mrs. Rorer's Key to Simple Cookery (1917, 208) - Sarah Tyson Heston Rorer

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The Book of Corn Cookery (1917, 105) - Mary L. Wade

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