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This is a listing of variable types of data sets available that are pertinent to paleoclimatological modeling or data analysis. They are broken up into categories that are hopefully not too arbitrary to facilitate find what you need. The image you see to the right is an image produced from a global topography data set.

Time scales

A geologic time scale showing periods, epochs and ages along with their corresponding time frames.

Paleocontinental reconstructions

Reconstructions of paleocontinental configurations over the Phanerozoic.

Global gridded boundary conditions

The various surface (and otherwise) boundary conditions needed for model simulations, e.g. temperature, vegetation type, soil type, bathymetry, topography, etc.

Time series data

This category includes such things as data from ocean cores, sea level history data, and various other data varying over time rather than space.

Special data sets

Data sets compiled for special studies, e.g. the CLIMAP data set.

Global gridded boundary conditions






Topography and bathymetry

Snow and ice


Water and Wetlands

Clouds and cloud properties

Time series data

Special data sets

CLIMAP boundary conditions for 18 kbp, 2x2 grid.

These are the files created by the CLIMAP Project whose goal it was to recreate the boundary conditions at 18 KBP. Additionally, the same types of boundary conditions for the present were created to facilitate comparisons.

The details
The general information and translation key file.
Present data
The compressed (in gzip format) files containing the boundary conditions for the present.
18 KBP data
The compressed (in gzip format) files containing the boundary conditions for the last glacial maximum.

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